How to use tweezerman callus shaver

How to use tweezerman callus shaver

Worn out with a tired foot regularly need some additional love. If you have not developed a callus (a toughened area of skin), a callus shaver can just be what you need.How to use tweezerman callus shaver

It can improve the look and feel of your feet.

Using a callus shaver will require a bit of knowledge and instruction from preventing cuts and infection, and if you have blood setting or diabetes, you should not use the tool because there is risk of injury.

Choosing a Callus Shaver:

Although there may be variety of callus shavers to be chosen from a wide range, but they are designed in same basic way.

A razor blade topped on a long handle is held on top of a pierced piece of metal, made from stainless steel which prevents the tool from getting rusted.

Preparing the Callus Shaver:

Before you begin to use the callus shaver, you may prepare it for the task by consulting the instructions on the packaging.

The razor blade is been installed for you initially, but some callus shavers requires the blade to be attached manually.

It is must to always use a clean and sharp blade for the best results.

Preparing Your Feet:

Once you have your callus shaver and is ready for use, you can start the process of feet preparation before treatment. To start with the process of recovering and energizing the skin of your feet, begin by cleaning and soaking them in warm water for about 10-12 minutes.

Allow your heels to soak longer and become softby adding bath salt, Epson salt or essential oils. This will help soften and calmthe skin, and if skin is really hard or cracked, you can also use body wash or soap.

How to use tweezerman callus shaver?

For now, your feet are soaked and the skin is softened, you can now begin to use the callus shaver. Dry your feet by removing them from the water and find comfortable, well-lit place to sit.

You get the best angle by sitting with your foot on top of the opposite knee, or by sitting cross legged.

Begingliding gently the callus shaver across the parts of hard skin to remove the thin, dead layers. To smooth your skin, you will need to use a callus tool.

After using the tool, you can apply a foot cream on it, like AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream, to soothe and condition your feet.

Be sure that you remove everything which will make you jump suddenly before you begin using the callus shaver.

It will help you from avoid injury to your feet.

If you get cut yourself during the process of removing a callus, instantly clean and wash the area. If the cut is deeper and continuously bleeds or becomes infected, search for medical care.

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By using callus trimmer, you can get rid of tired, smooth skin, as well as good looking feet.