Hoverboard models

Hoverboard models

A hoverboard is basically a self-levitating skate board which is basically used for travelling from one place to another.it is coolest and new trend in modern transport.Hoverboard models

About Hoverboard models:

Founder and inventor of this self-balancing is Mr. sahene. Hoverboard is generally consisting two wheels which is used for transportationlike e scooter so that is why it also said to be self-balancing scooter too.

This self-balancing hoverboard is initially invented by the Mr. Shane chen in the Beijing (china) in the year of 1956.he is also known for invention of orbit wheel skate, ultra-drainer, lunicycle, and self-balancing unicycle and hoverboards.

Hoverboard classification:

There are various types of hoverboards are available in the market as according to their specification some of them are listed below:

  1. By popularity.
  2. Classified As by categories – this includes some Hoverboards like
  • Koo Hoverboard: which ranks as budget friendly.
  • EPIKGO All terrain scooter: which ranks as safest,
  • Razor Hovertrax version 2.0: which ranks as best,
  • Segway miniPRO: which ranks for its long-lasting life,
  • EPIKGO sport plus: ranks for their speed.
  1. As according to size of wheel – many Hoverboards are available in different size like 6.5-inch wheels, 8-inch, 10-inch size wheels.
  2. With some additional features – it includes Hoverboards with LED lights, with UL 2272 certificate, with additional speakers.

Guidelines for buying hoverboard:

  1. Quality construction – Hoverboards should be of rugged and tough frame that is also light in weight. The lighter is the hoverboard is better will be performance.it also enhance he battery life.
  2. Safe and foremost – safety is prime thing and it should be priority. All hoverboards have fire safe certification.so they have gone through all the testings to ensure they are not a fire hazard.
  3. Battery life – battery life is the main consideration while selecting hoverboards. According to your use of hoverboard choose battery life of small, medium and wide range.

Different Hoverboard models:

  1. Halo rover X –
  • Pros:
    • Impressive performance.
    • Dual engine and carries lot of weight.
    • Fast in operation.
    • High ground clearance.
  • Cons:
    • Price may be high.
    • Not expected Miles per range charge.
  1. Tomboloself-balancing scooter –
  • Pros:
    • Additional Bluetooth speaker.
    • Well made product with aluminium frame that means light in weight.
    • It has 3 different speeds mode.
  • Cons:
    • Few issues in calibrating engines.
    • Bluetooth pairing is managed over voice over.
  1. Saga play F1 hoverboard –
  • Pros:
    • Standing panel is wide and large.
    • Controlled speed via remote or mobile.
    • Has dual motor which gives high power.
  • Cons:
    • Its training modes are not calibrated.
    • Issue of vibration even at learning mode.
    • Less battery life.
  1. Swagtron T1 hoverboard –
    • Pros:
      • One of the safest scooters.
      • It has 3 separate’s learning modes.
      • Ride up to 12 MPH even in economy mode.
    • Cons:
      • Slower in operation.
      • T1 series is an older one. Also, old technology is used.

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As according to their features and specificationsdifferent models of hoverboards are available also their prices change and many of them are available on online websites which are as mentioned.