Hoverboard 360 smart balance

Hoverboard 360 smart balance

Hoverboard is actually a levitating electric board which is used for transportation purpose. This is modified and innovative technology expand to another level. It is first described in year 1967 by Mr. K. joseph.Hoverboard 360 smart balance

The common term used for hoverboards is self-balancing scooter although it is not as really hover. This hoverboardalso consist of sensors and two-foot pads, aluminium smart balance for detecting moves.

Hoverboard Structure which consist of:

Electric hoverboard mainly comprises of many components which are as listed below:

  1. A steel made up chassis with central pivot.
  2. Motors (two).
  3. Gyroscope (two).
  4. Co board’s and main boards
  5. A plastic cover.
  6. Battery pack.
  7. A charging packs.
  8. Two wheels.
  9. Power On/off switch.
  10. Two Sensors (Tilt or speed and infrared)

Hoverboard 360:

Many peoples are searching for this brand as it is more popular due to varied range of choices for unique styles, their features, and colours.

Regardless of that it seems a few of peoples are getting fade off by company which could not help customers to meet their demands.

Some of Hoverboards which has feature of 360 smart balance:

  1. SWAGTRON T1- UL 2272 of price about $249.99.
  2. Hover heart UL 2272 – it is price of about $125.
  3. CHO chrome hoverboard electric self-balancing scooter – price of $143.
  4. Xtreme power US self-balancing scooter – price about $146.
  5. hoverboard of Gotrax hoverfly eco– Price about $180.

Hoverboard 360 customer care service:

Things happen when customers try to contact with the company (Hoverboard 360) customer care service is listed as below:

  1. Customers can call on to customer service of no(649-690-0298) of Hoverboard 360 company.
  2. Phone rings and recording answers your call and says thank you for contacting us, experiencingmuch than usual volume of call.
  3. Then recording says that customer have to hold up for while and until next customer care service rep.
  4. After some time, recording come back and says that service is unavailable currently for taking up customers call, please try to call gain later.
  5. After it says that the mailbox is full and hang up.

Pros of Hoverboard 360:

  1. It has many colour options.
  2. Several models are there to choose selective from.
  3. There are many hoverboards with option of different wheel sizes.
  4. There are also some additional features like Bluetooth for enjoyment of rider.

Cons of Hoverboard 360:

  1. This company gives zero customer service.
  2. Poor in quality constructions.
  3. This company does not have government needed UL safety certifications.
  4. This company seems to have gone out of business.
  5. Hundreds of complaints which are registered from customers.
  6. Recommended that try to stay away from Hoverboard 360.
  7. This Hoverboard 360 company is refuses to responding to their customers.
  8. And it is not truthful with the customers.

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Hoverboard 360 are the electric powered skate boards which are coming to fix the problems related to past models of hoverboards. Also, by using this you easily get to know about new feature of 360 smart balance.