Boys Team


Girls Team


Boys U-9 Elite Rohit Gautam Girls U-9 Elite Dan Taylor
Boys U-10 Elite/Select Jesse Sarzana/Kaeghan Kelly Girls U-10 Elite Graeme Blackman
Boys U-11 Elite/Select Rohit Gautam/Shreyas Warrier Girls U-11Elite Bill Walker
Boys U-12 Elite/Select Sid Mazzola Girls U-12Elite Robbie Mcleod
Boys U-13 Elite/Select Frank Cacia/Dan D’Amico Girls U13 Elite Brendan Toohey
Boys U-14 Kostis Theoharides Girls U-14 Elite Graeme Blackman
Boys U-15 Luis Ramirez Girls U-15 Elite Kostis Theoharedes
Boys U-16 Joseph Luciano Girls U-16 Elite Bill Walker
Boys U-17 Max Walker Girls U-17 Elite Danielle Clifford
Boys U-18 Jon Anderson Girls U-18 NPL

Goalkeeping Trainer: Jeff Duback

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Our teams compete at a high level. It is expected that you have some soccer experience and ability to make a team, but everyone is encouraged to try out!”Our teams trademark is the style of play…ball possession, versus the common “kick and run” soccer; which may produce more “wins” in a player’s younger years, but does little to prepare them for play at top competitive levels. While we emphasize the importance of winning soccer games, from a coaching stand point, long term growth of the player comes first with GPS Milan Boston It’s a difficult, tedious approach, filled with highs and lows, but the results are worthwhile.”Attendance at GPS Milan Boston scheduled events (Games , Practices, Tournaments)

To play on a GPS Milan Boston team we require that players and parents make a significant commitment. Only health emergency and academic responsibilities are valid reasons to miss a team commitment.At GPS Milan Boston we feel that the majority of player development occurs at practice. Players and parents should understand that missing the events greatly diminishes player and team development.Tryouts are run by the GPS Milan Boston coaching staff for all teams every year in June.