Over the years, we have learned that one of the key ingredients for a successful club is to provide clear, consistent communication between the Club, the coaches, and the players and parents. This agreement is one way of explaining our expectations of you as a member of the GPS Metro Boston Soccer Club. As you have committed to become a member of the GPS Metro Boston, please take the time to read the following pages carefully.

Members of GPS agree to put the club ahead of the team. When decisions are made regarding conflicts between the club and a particular team, the Club will come first. Club decisions will be made by the appropriate member of the Club staff.

In most cases, members of the Club agree to put their team ahead of the individual player. If conflicts arise between the team and a player or parent, the team coach under the direction of the respective Director of Coaching will be responsible to make decisions for the good of the team.

Player performance will be evaluated by observing the player under the pressures of practices, scrimmages, games and sometimes tryouts. The professional GPS coaching staff and the team coach will confer in matters of player evaluations primarily in the “four pillars”:

-Psychological dimensions (attitude, character, discipline, leadership, etc.)

-Physical dimensions (endurance, strength, and speed, etc.)

-Technical (dribbling, shooting, heading, ball handling skills, etc.)

-Tactical (runs, reading the game, decision making, etc.) We will not always agree on issues as sensitive as player evaluation and selection. Please respect our subjective selections in these matters.

GPS-MA will hold tryouts for all teams including players in the GPSMB system. Players will be observed throughout the year and subsequently placed more accurately within the GPS system.

Evaluations will be based on the previously mentioned components in addition to attendance, attitude, team chemistry, and consistency, to name a few. During any time of the year, a player may be asked to transfer, or may request a transfer to another GPS Boston team. The Club will transfer this player, only in certain circumstances such as injuries, player/coach conflicts, consideration to the implications of the entire age group, ability level, etc.

-GPS Metro Boston players will be observed and evaluated by Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Directors of Coaching on a year round basis.

-Head Coaches will pick their respective teams.

-Player Placement and movement may be done throughout the year based on certain circumstances.

The main objective of the GPS Metro Boston Soccer Club is to develop soccer players at all levels. In order to do this, we must place players on a team commensurate with their ability. We believe the fore-mentioned philosophy will help us better accomplish our objective.

Once you commit to join the GPS Metro Boston, you will have a spot in the Club for the current season. However, you may be asked to play on another team during your membership. The soccer season begins August 1st and runs to July 31st.

We expect our players and parents to possess characteristics such as honesty, integrity, respect, dedication, and commitment. In turn, the club will also be exemplifying those same characteristics. We will instruct players to ignore adverse conditions such as poor call made by referees, name calling, foul language, rough play, cheating, poor weather, negative behavior by parents or opponents etc. We expect our parents to have this same approach. A player may be cut from the club at any time, for disciplinary reasons or failure to fulfill his or her financial obligations. Their respective Director of Coaching will make decisions regarding temporary suspension from the club.

All players are expected to wear the designated ADIDAS uniform of the club. In keeping with the GPS Boston tradition, the uniform numbers range from #1, #19, #1 and #12 are for the goalkeepers. Players who are currently on existing GPS Metro Boston teams retain priority in choosing uniform numbers.

The club asks that the players maintain a healthy lifestyle. Any use of drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes is not acceptable to the club and may result in temporary suspension or removal from the club. Nutrition and rest are also part of the player’s personal responsibility as a member of the GPS Metro Boston. Players are expected to eat nutritious, healthy food in a timely fashion so as not to interfere with performance. If a player has questions about which foods are best for performing athletes, please ask the team coach. The Club will provides upon request information for injury management, and treatment and prevention of injuries.

During the soccer season the team and its players participate in practices, league competition, tournaments, state and national cup. The coaches will make decisions on player selections, game line-up, positions, playing time, tournament participation, etc. Players must be positive in fulfilling the role they are asked to perform for the team at any moment. Players must arrive on time with required equipment (shoes, proper GPS uniform, warm-ups, soccer ball, shin guards, etc.) and be ready to practice or play.

In some cases, the team may be traveling which requires the team to stay overnight. During overnight trips, team members are expected to stay together unless otherwise agreed upon by the coach. Decisions regarding team travel, including timing of arrival and departure to and from locations (hotels, restaurants, game fields, etc.) will be approved by the Director of Coaching or Team Coach. If a player does not decide to travel, the player is still responsible for the coach’s expenses and the tournament fee.

Parental support and involvement in the club are essential. If your son/daughter is selected and chooses to commit himself/herself to the GPS Boston, your commitment is also necessary. If players are to make a commitment to the club and their team, parents must see to it that players attend all possible club and team functions. At times, conflicts cannot be avoided and other more important events will take precedence. The club requires your communication, planning, and understanding so we can minimize conflicts. The club will periodically present a schedule to allow time for your planning. When parents or players have an unavoidable conflict, the club expects timely communication.

Coaching by parents is not allowed. No matter how good your intentions are, we insist there be no shouting instructions to players or yelling (complaining) to officials during games. Your vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome after a good play. No one other than those listed on the official game roster may sit on or near the team bench during the game.

At the appropriate time, parents may discuss and ask questions about your son or daughter. Please take the initiative to teach your player to speak up and communicate for themselves whenever possible. If you feel you need to take your issues to a higher chain of command,  GPS Metro Boston have a system in place (DOC). Please follow that system. Please be cautious on your discussions with your son or daughter in regards to the team and teammates. Content should be constructive.

Our aim is to influence our athletes to become solid citizens who contribute to society and behave in a way that affects others in a positive light. A community effort is expected to accomplish our goals.