playersThe GPS Boston Club is based in Waltham, from Lexington to Lancaster to Andover. We regularly seek top competitive experiences annually with trips to tournaments around the country as well as abroad; we are the only youth club in the USA to have an invitation to the most prestigious showcase tournament where many famous players in Europe got their professional start, Coppa Carnevale in Italy.

With constant collaboration with GPS and a highly qualified staff of coaches with experience spanning from youth, scholastic to professional, we develop our own players from a very young age, who learn the same style of play at a young age, and have the same enthusiasm for the club and the game.

At GPS Boston “we have built everything around the passing game,” Sid Mazzola, Head Coach. We want to play attractive soccer, because that’s also good soccer. If you can pass the ball, you’re more apt to be successful and in control of the game, not the other team. Soccer is a game of quality passing and movement at speed, and that’s what we’ve tried to emphasize.”

Sid notes that top clubs like GPS Boston face an inherent contradiction: While their aim is to teach a consistent style of soccer, prepare players for the next level of competition, and instill an appreciation for the game, they also must have a measure of success that will instill the passion in players to continue working hard on the skills and lessons being taught by staff coaches.

We have and will continue to provide a positive, caring and highly rewarding environment for 6-19 year olds. As a result, we aim to continue to develop top quality players for ODP, High School, Colleges and Professional play. In recent years as much as 33% of the Mass Boys ODP player pool have been a product of the Inter development program. Some have gone on to participate in Regional and National Pool programs.

Since the program reaches far beyond the soccer field, an equal emphasis is placed on academic achievements. A strong sense of responsibility, self-discipline, teamwork, communication and work ethic are fostered and serve to benefit the club’s young men and women later in life.

Many Inter players have been recruited to play at every division of college play. Some players have moved on to play professionally.

Players are now playing or have played at such top schools as St. Johns, Harvard, Yale, UConn, UMass, Southern Connecticut, Amherst, Duke, Clemson, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, Franklin Pierce, Clark, Merrimack, Bates, Bowdoin, and Tufts,among others.

GPS players and their families are asked to make a serious commitment to the club in terms of time, energy, and money. Individual development is a priority, but with a team sport this can happen only if all players are committed to the team itself. Attendance at practice, games, and other team development activities are components that set the stage for successful performance by individuals and teams alike.